Twin Oaks Place - LOCATION

Twin Oaks Place is Located at Sheridan St., Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City.

Twin Oaks Place is situated in Mandaluyong City near SOHO Central as well as across a renowned shopping mall named Shangri-La Mall. The location of Twin Oaks Place is such that no matter what the requirement is, the availability is somewhere nearby within a reach of five minutes.

The residential setup in itself is a mixed-use development where three floors are occupied by rental and commercial stores. This makes the life of the residents a much eased out affair. They can head to these floors of their residential tower and fetch the essentials within just a couple of minutes. It is not every day that one comes across such a residential community where the purchasing of day-to-day essentials is so convenient. Therefore if you're living all by yourself and hardly find time to stop by the rental departments then Twin Oaks Place is the ideal most pick for you. 

There are a lot of private schools located close to Twin Oaks Place so that the kids of the property can easily reach their educational establishments within a few minutes. These schools can be reached in just a time span of around five minutes and a lot of precious time of the students can be saved. This time can be put to some other use such as getting indulged in various extracurricular activities. 

For your regular worshipping sessions there a many churches located at a distance of just five minutes from Twin Oaks Place. The residents can anytime visit these churches without any hassles. While dwelling at Twin Oaks Place one is always ready to meet any emergency situation that might arise. At just a distance of five minutes, there are various healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics etc. available so that the residents can avail medical help at the earliest.

For all your sorted weekends there are a number clubs and a Golf course available where the residents of Twin Oaks Place can spend some quality time with their friends and family. People regularly require visiting banks for their day-to-day transactions. At Twin Oaks Place one will never find a problem in visiting banks as there are various options available just at a little distance. In a short time span of around five minutes, one can reach the desired bank.

Emergency services don't just include the various nearby located healthcare centers, it also incorporates the Mandaluyong Fire as well as Police Station. These establishments are located in the extreme close vicinity and can be reached in just five minutes.

For your weekends you can visit the various nearby located hotels and recreational areas. These places again are located just at a distance of five minutes from Twin Oaks Place. Last but not the least, Twin Oaks Place is also closely situated to various terminals that makes regular commutation an eased out affair. All in all, Twin Oaks Place is located in such a strategic location where all that you require is located in close vicinity.

5 – Minutes' drive to important places

  • Private Schools
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Golf Courses & Country Clubs
  • Banks
  • Mandaluyong Police & Fire Stations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels
  • Terminals
  • Recreation Areas
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