Twin Oaks Place - AMENITIES

Twin Oaks Place is a mixed-use community that offers an unending list of luxurious amenities and basic features. These facilities and amenities ease out the life of the residents of Twin Oaks Place to the core. The developers have incorporated each and every amenity keeping the comfort of the residents in mind.  

The developers have paid immense attention to securing the property such theta the residents can lead a life of tranquility. The property is 24x7 secured by professional security guards so that the people of the community can lead a protected life. There are CCTV cameras installed all throughout which record all the various ongoing of the property. The footage of the cameras is monitored by security professionals so that no mis-happenings can ever be carried out in Twin Oaks Place. There are fire detection alarm systems installed on the property along with water sprinkler systems so that any kind of fire breakouts can be stopped or controlled with ease.

While dwelling at Twin Oaks Place you get to avail 24x7 supply of clean water. This is made possible by various overhead built cisterns and tanks where water is kept stored regularly. This also reveals the brilliant design of Twin Oaks Place.

Twin Oaks Place features five speedy elevators in all. Four out of five are provided to be used by the residents and the fifth one is available for service use. This segregated usage ensures hassle free commutation by the residents and the various services are also carried out without any hindrance. 

A large sized swimming pool is accommodated in Twin Oaks Place for the luxurious use of the residents. One can anytime take a dip in the cool water of the pool with no hassles involved in traveling to distant clubs or resorts. There is a play area incorporated into the community for the use of the kids. This area allows the kids to play games of their choice with their siblings and friends.

Twin Oaks Place offers function rooms where the residents can host parties, events, and functions. These function rooms hold the capacity of accommodating a decent number of guests. Hence, one can host birthday parties, housewarming events etc. in these function rooms with utmost ease. Having this provision allows the residents to escape the troubles of hunting an ideal location in order to host events. 

Twin Oaks Place also features a fitness zone and a well-equipped gymnasium for the use of the residents. One does not require to head out of home for his/her regular fitness sessions when the residing community itself offers a well-organized fitness gymnasium. Twin Oaks Place also features a resident’s lounge where the occupants can enjoy a drink whenever desired. This place can be used by the residents to relax as and when desired.

  • 24/7 Security Services
  • Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System
  • Provision for CCTV Monitors
  • Four (4) High-Speed Residential Elevators Which Can Accommodate Up Tto 10 Persons Each
  • Water Storage Facilities Overhead Tank And Cistern
  • Swimming Pool
  • One (1) Service Elevator
  • Laundry Services Area
  • Stand-by Power Supply
  • Play Area
  • Function Rooms
  • Gym and Fitness Area
  • Residents Lounge 
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